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Fully MEMS- and Nanostructured Batch Fabrication of SMT Inductors

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 2000
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: surface mount, inductor, MEMS
Authors: F. Wiest; G. Freitag; Michael Hochberg; Axel Scherer; I. Eisele; T. Doll
Journal: Micro Tec Volume: 2
Pages: 843-847
We present the first parallel batch fabrication of miniaturized three dimensional, inductive components. The process uses a deep proximity lithography and electroplating onto pre-formed polymer substrates. The high frequency performance of these MEMS inductors is better than the current state of the art, which is mainly a result of the low dielectric loss in the inductor body and a reduced skin effect on the electroplated inductor windings. In addition, we discuss a novel process on the growth of nanoinductors in porous alumina for embedded and integrated passives.
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