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Fabrication of Ultra-Small Structures: Quantum Wires

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 1988
Type of Publication: Proceedings Keywords: Fabrication, electron beam lithography, one-dimensional wires
Authors: H. G. Craighead; Axel Scherer; M. L. Roukes
Editor: H. Heinrich and G. Bauer and F. Kuchar Volume: 83
Series: Springer Series in Solid State Sciences
Publisher: Springer
The ability to fabricate structures and devices with dimensions smaller than relevant physical length scales is leading to the discovery and exploitation of new physical phenomena. Electron beam lithography has been used to define most of the ultra-small objects studied to date. The limits of this method can be understood on the basis of electron scattering and electron beam resist characteristics. Except for rare cases, the electron beam defined pattern must be transferred into another material of interest, and this can impose significant limits on the minimum attainable feature size. In this paper we will describe physical and practical limits of ultra-small structure creation with an emphasis on III-V compound semiconductors. Examples of small object fabrication are given with particular consideration of the fabrication of quasi-one-dimensional wires.


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