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Fabrication of Small Laterally Patterned Multiple Quantum Wells

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 1986
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: quantum well structures, fabrication, gallium arsenides, aluminium arsenides, etching, ion collisions, lithography, electron microscopy, boron chlorides, argon
Authors: Axel Scherer; H. G. Craighead
Journal: Applied Physics Letters Volume: 49
Number: 19 Pages: 1284-1286
Month: November
A technique of high voltage electron beam lithography and BCl3/Ar reactive ion etching for laterally patterning GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As multiple quantum wells is described. The resulting structures were analyzed using scanning electron microscopy and a novel reflection electron microscopy technique, and their geometries are shown. Narrow columns 40 nm in diameter etched 230 nm through the quantum wells were reproducibly fabricated.
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