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Epitaxial-tau(Mn,Ni)Al/(Al,Ga)As Heterostructures: Magnetic and Magneto-Optic Properties

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 1993
Type of Publication: Article
Authors: T. L. Cheeks; M. J. S. P. Brasil; J. De Boeck; J. P. Harbison; T. Sands; M. Tanaka; Axel Scherer; V. G. Keramidas
Journal: Journal of Applied Physics Volume: 73
Number: 10 Pages: 6121-6123
Month: May
Ferromagnetic Perpendicularly magnetized epitaxial thin films of tau (Mn,Ni)AI have been successfully grown on AlAs/GaAs heterostructures by molecular beam epitaxy. We have investigated the polar Kerr rotation and magnetization of tau MnAl and (Mn,Ni) Al as a function of Mn and Ni concentration. The largest polar Kerr rotation and remnant magnetization were obtained for Mn0.5Al0.5 thin films with values of 0.16-degrees and 224 emu/cm3, respectively. We observed that the Kerr rotation and magnetization remained constant with Ni additions up to about 12 at. % and subsequently decreased with further Ni additions. We discuss these results and one possible method of enhancing the Kerr rotation.
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