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Stripe Sensor Tomography

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 2008
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: electromagnetic devices, Hall effect devices, image sensors, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetoresistive devices, photodetectors, SQUIDs
Authors: Mladen Barbic; L. Vltava; C. P. Barrett; Teresa Emery; Axel Scherer
Journal: Review of Scientific Instruments Volume: 79
Number: 3
Month: March
We introduce a general concept of tomographic imaging for the case of an imaging sensor that has a stripelike shape. We first show that there is no difference, in principle, between two-dimensional tomography using conventional electromagnetic or particle radiation and tomography where a stripe sensor is mechanically scanned over a sample at a sequence of different angles. For a single stripe detector imaging, linear motion and angular rotation are required. We experimentally demonstrate single stripe sensor imaging principle using an elongated inductive coil detector. By utilizing an array of parallel stripe sensors that can be individually addressed, two-dimensional imaging can be performed with rotation only, eliminating the requirement for linear motion, as we also experimentally demonstrate with parallel coil array. We conclude that imaging with a stripe-type sensor of particular width and thickness (where the width is much larger than the thickness) is resolution limited only by the thickness (smaller parameter) of the sensor. We give examples of multiple sensor families where this imaging technique may be beneficial such as magnetoresistive, inductive, superconducting quantum interference device, and Hall effect sensors, and, in particular, discuss the possibilities of the technique in the field of magnetic resonance imaging.
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