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Atom Mirror Etched from a Hard Drive

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 2003
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: atom mirror, specular reflection, cesium, hard drive, magneto-optical trap, quantum computation
Authors: B. Lev; Y. Lassailly; C. Lee; Axel Scherer; H. Mabuchi
Journal: Applied Physics Letters Volume: 83
Number: 2 Pages: 395-397
Month: July
We describe the fabrication of an atom mirror by etching of a common hard drive, and we report the observation of specular retroreflection of 11 µK cesium atoms using this mirror. The atoms were trapped and cooled above the hard drive using the mirror magneto-optical trap technique, and upon release, two full bounces were detected. The hard drive atom mirror will be a useful tool for both atom optics and quantum computation.
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