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Recording Processes in Perpendicular Patterned Media Using Longitudinal Magnetic Recording Heads

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 2001
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Magnetic nanostructures, patterned media
Authors: Mladen Barbic; S. Schultz; Joyce Wong; Axel Scherer
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics Volume: 37
Number: 4 Pages: 1657-1660
Month: July
Experimental study of the recording processes in patterned magnetic media is presented. The reading of patterned media using spin-valve elements is compared to the signal levels from magneto-resistive sensors. Writing and reading of patterned columnar media at high areal densities is demonstrated. A new experimental technique has been developed that allows precise determination of the location of the write gap poles with respect to the patterned media column during the write process. Implications for patterned media write synchronization and the write head field requirements are discussed.
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