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Narrow Conducting Channels Defined by Helium Ion Beam Damage

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 1988
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: 2DEG, He ion beam, narrow wires, conduction, microfabrication
Authors: T. L. Cheeks; M. L. Roukes; Axel Scherer; H. G. Craighead
Journal: Applied Physics Letters Volume: 53
Number: 20 Pages: 1964-1966
Month: November
We have developed a new technique for patterning narrow conducting channels in GaAs-AlGaAs two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) materials. A low-energy He ion beam successfully patterned narrow wires with little or no etching of the thin GaAs cap. The damage propagation of the He ion even at low energies was sufficient to decrease the mobility of the 2DEG located deep within the structure. The damage can be removed by a low-temperature anneal but remains stable at room temperature. Conducting channels as narrow as 300 nm have been fabricated and measured using low-temperature magnetoresistance.
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