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Microfabrication Below 10nm

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 1990
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: electron beam lithography, reflection electron microscopy
Authors: B. P. Van der Gaag; Axel Scherer
Journal: Applied Physics Letters Volume: 56
Number: 5 Pages: 481-483
Month: January
We describe a new method of producing ultrasmall structures on thick substrates with electron beam lithography. Using an innovative exposure technique, we obtain features with lateral sizes smaller than the incident beam diameter. These patterns are transferred into GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well heterostructures using chemically assisted ion beam etching, and uniform arrays of structures with lateral dimensions below 10 nm are produced. We employ reflection electron microscopy measurements to correlate the structure size with the exposure and development conditions for this fabrication scheme.
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