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Macroporous Silicon Membranes as Electron and X-Ray Transmissive Windows

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 2004
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: silicon, elemental semiconductors, membranes, porous semiconductors, electromagnetic wave transmission, electron optics, electron microscopes, X-ray detection
Authors: Joerg Schilling; Axel Scherer; U. Gosele; M. Kolbe
Journal: Applied Physics Letters Volume: 85
Number: 7 Pages: 1152-1154
Month: August
Macroporous silicon membranes are fabricated whose pores are terminated with 60 nm thin silicon dioxide shells. The transmission of electrons with energies of 5 kV–25 kV through these membranes was investigated reaching a maximum of 22% for 25 kV. Furthermore, the transmission of electromagnetic radiation ranging from the far-infrared to the x-ray region was determined. The results suggest the application of the membrane as window material for electron optics and energy dispersive x-ray detectors.
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