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Low-Energy Electron Beam Focusing in Self-Organized Porous Alumina Vacuum Windows

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 2000
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: alumina, electron optics, electron beam focusing, electron spectroscopy, membranes, channelling, porous materials, self-assembly, micromachining, anodised layers
Authors: T. Doll; Jelena Vuckovic; Michael Hochberg; Axel Scherer
Journal: Applied Physics Letters Volume: 76
Number: 24 Pages: 3635-3637
Month: June
Micromachined, micron-thick porous alumina membranes with closed pore endings show high electron transparency above an energy of 5 keV. This is due to the channeling of electrons along the negatively charged insulating pores after surmounting the thin entrance layer. We also find a sharp hightransparency energy window at energies as low as 2 keV which may be the result of a local maximum of channeling, as predicted by simulations, and positive charge up of the entrance layer causing electron electrostatic focusing. Applications for these membranes range from atmospheric electron spectroscopy to self-assembled, nanoscale, large-area electron collimators.
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