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A Study of Gallium Arsenide and Aluminum Gallium Arsenide Reactive Ion Etching Parameters

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 1987
Type of Publication: Article
Authors: Axel Scherer; E. D. Beebe; H. G. Craighead
Journal: Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A Volume: 5
Number: 4 Pages: 1604-1605
Month: July
A mixture of BCl3 and Ar was used for hihg-resolution reactive ion etching (RIE) of GaAs and AlGaAs. For large-scale features, BCl3/CL2 has been a particularly successful gas mixture since high GaAs etch rates can be obtained. However, undercutting prevents high-resolution patterning of RIE with this gas. In this study, the etching conditions of the BCL3/Ar system were optimized by using a regression model. Independent parameters changed during RIE and included in the model were the etching time, the RF power, the chamber pressure, and the % BCL3 in the input gas flow.
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