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Investigation of Copper Oxide Coatings for Solar Selective Applications

Research Area: Nanofabrication Year: 1983
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: photothermal collector coating, microstructural analysis, characterization
Authors: Axel Scherer; O. T. Inal; A. J. Singh
Journal: Solar Energy Materials Volume: 9
Number: 2 Pages: 139-158
Month: July
Copper was oxidized using thermal, chemical and electrochemical treatments in an attempt to obtain a solar selective surface with a reasonable thermal stability. Microstructural analyses, using SEM and X-ray diffraction, were made to investigate the influence of heat treatment on the coatings. A non-linear programming technique was used to optimize the coating conditions using as-plated and heat-treated (10 h at 180°C) data. Since a marked difference between the as-plated and the heat-treated optima was observed, a systematic thermal stability study of the copper oxide at low temperatures (below 200°C) was conducted. The stability of the chemical oxidizing solution was also investigated. As-plated absorptances of 0.97 at emittances of 0.2 were obtained in the optimized coatings. After thermal treatment, these absorptances and emittances were substantially reduced (α = 0.89, epsilon (Porson) = 0.10). This reduction at higher temperatures is attributed to a chemical change in the coating composition.
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