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Mike Shearn

Personal Information:

Position: Alumni (Graduate Researchers)
Research Area: Nanophotonics
Location: Hardware Engineer, Google (Skybox)


  • Henry, D., Shearn, M., Chhim, B. & Scherer, A. (2010). Ga+ Beam Lithography for Nanoscale Silicon Reactive Ion Etching. Nanotechnology, 21(24), 245303. [More] 
  • Shearn, M., Diest, K. A., Sun, X., Zadok, A., Atwater, H. A., Yariv, A. et al. (2009). Advanced Silicon Processing for Active Planar Photonic Devices. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 27(6), 3180-3182. [More] 
  • Sun, X., Zadok, A., Shearn, M., Diest, K. A., Ghaffari, A., Atwater, H. A. et al. (2009). Electrically Pumped Hybrid Evanescent Si/InGaAsP Lasers. Optics Letters, 34(9), 1345-1347. [More] 
  • Briggs, R. M., Shearn, M., Scherer, A. & Atwater, H. A. (2009). Wafer-Bonded Single-Crystal Silicon Slot Waveguides and Ring Resonators. Applied Physics Letters, 94(2), 021106. [More] 
  • Yoo, S. J., Heritage, J. P., Hernandez, V. J., Scott, R. P., Cong, W., Fontaine, N. K. et al. (2007). Spectral Phase Encoded Time Spread Optical Code Division Multiple Access Technology for Next Generation Communication Networks. Journal of Optical Networking, 6(10), 1210-1227. [More] 


Administrative and Financial Contact

Kate Finigan
MC 200-36, Caltech
1200 E California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91125

Office:  212 Sloan Annex
Phone:  626.395.4585
Fax: 626.577.8442