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Microfluidic Blood Filtration Device

Research Area: Microfluidics/Biomedical Year: 2011
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: microfluidic, blood, filter, diagnostic, point-of-care, sample-prep
Authors: George Maltezos; J. Lee; Aditya Rajagopal; K. Scholten; Emil Kartalov; Axel Scherer
Journal: Biomedical Microdevices Volume: 13
Number: 1 Pages: 143-146
Month: February
Rapid decentralized biomedical diagnostics have become increasingly necessary in a medical environment of growing costs and mounting demands on healthcare personnel and infrastructure. Such diagnostics require low-cost novel devices that can operate at bedside or in doctor offices using small amounts of sample that can be extracted and processed on the spot. Thus, point-of-care sample preparation is an important component of the necessary diagnostic paradigm shift. We therefore introduce a microfluidic device which produces plasma from whole blood. The device is inexpensive, reliable, easy to fabricate, and requires only 3.5 kPa pressure to operate. The device is fully compatible with microfluidic diagnostic chips. The output 23-gauge microtube of the former can be directly plugged into the input ports of the latter allowing immediate applicability in practice as a sample-prep pre-stage to a variety of emergent microfluidic diagnostic devices. In addition, the shown approach of filter encapsulation in elastomer has principle importance as it is compatible with and applicable to microfluidic sample-prep integration with analytical stages within the same elastomeric chip. This can eventually lead to finger-prick blood tests in point-of-care settings.
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