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Hou-Pu Chou

Personal Information:

Position: Alumni (Graduate Researchers)
Research Area: Microfluidics/Biomedical


  • Unger, M. A., Chou, H.-P., Thorsen, T., Scherer, A. & Quake, S. R. (2000). Monolithic Microfabricated Valves and Pumps by Multilayer Soft Lithography. Science, 288(5463), 113-116. [More] 
  • Chou, H.-P., Spence, C., Scherer, A. & Quake, S. R. (1999). A Microfabricated Device for Sizing and Sorting DNA Molecules. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 96(1), 11-13. [More] 
  • Tyan, R. -., Salvekar, A. A., Chou, H.-P., Cheng, C.-C., Scherer, A., Sun, P. -. et al. (1997). Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Form-Birefringent Multilayer Polarizing Beam Splitter. Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 14(7), 1627-1636. [More] 


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