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Tom Baehr-Jones

Personal Information:

Position: Alumni (Graduate Researchers) Baehr-Jones, Tom
Research Area: Nanophotonics
Location: Director, Coriant Advanced Technology Group

Tom Baehr-Jones received his BS (Physics, 2002) his MS (Applied Physics, 2005) and his PhD (Applied Physics, 2006) from Caltech. His research interests include computational physics, integrated optics, and silicon-photonics systems. He was a co-founder at both Simulant and Luxtera during his time as an undergraduate at Caltech, and later a Research Associate Professor in the Nanophotonics lab at the University of Delaware and the Associate Director of the OpSIS foundry service.  Currently. Dr. Baehr-Jones is the Director of Research and Development at Coriant's Advanced Technology Group.


  • Takayesu, J., Hochberg, M., Baehr-Jones, T., Chan, E., Wang, G., Sullivan, P. A. et al. (2009). A Hybrid Electrooptic Microring Resonator-Based 1x4x1 ROADM for Wafer Scale Optical Interconnects. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 27(4), 440-448. [More] 
  • Baehr-Jones, T., Hochberg, M. & Scherer, A. (2008). All-Optical Modulation in a Silicon Waveguide Based on a Single-Photon Process. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 14(5), 1335-1342. [More] 
  • Baehr-Jones, T., Penkov, B., Huang, J., Sullivan, P. A., Davies, J., Takayesu, J. et al. (2008). Nonlinear Polymer-Clad Silicon Slot Waveguide Modulator with a Half Wave Voltage of 0.25 V. Applied Physics Letters, 92(16), 163303. [More] 
  • Baehr-Jones, T., Hochberg, M. & Scherer, A. (2008). Photodetection in Silicon Beyond the Band Edge with Surface States. Optics Express, 16(3), 1659-1668. [More] 
  • Baehr-Jones, T., Hochberg, M., Soref, R. & Scherer, A. (2008). Design of a Tunable, Room Temperature, Continuous-Wave Terahertz Source and Detector Using Silicon Waveguides. Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 25(2), 261-268. [More] 


Administrative and Financial Contact

Kate Finigan
MC 200-36, Caltech
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Pasadena, CA 91125

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