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Jones, William Max

Personal Information:

Position: Postdoctoral Scholars Jones, William Max
Research Area: Nanofabrication
Phone: 626-395-2749
Location: 223 Powell Booth

As a senior graduate student in the Axel Scherer lab, my research has focused primarily on nanoscale field emission devices. These devices are a modern take on the vacuum tube diodes and triodes that dominated logic circuits in the first half of the twentieth century before the advent of solid-state devices. By harnessing the power of modern nanofabrication techniques, we can produce extremely high electric fields between closely spaced but isolated silicon or metallic contacts. This causes the quantum tunneling of electrons from one contact into the vacuum followed by ballistic travel to the collector contact. Nanoscale fabrication techniques allow these devices to operate at modest voltages and without the need to vacuum seal the channel. These devices have the potential to operate at higher frequencies than current solid-state devices as well as in extreme radiation and temperature environments of interest to space applications. We have demonstrated a CMOS compatible layered approach to fabricate integratable field emission transistors.

Our work has been featured in the New York Times (link).


  • Jones, W. M., Lukin, D. & Scherer, A. (2017). Practical nanoscale field emission devices for integrated circuits. Applied Physics Letters, 110(26). [More] 
  • Jones, W. M., Lukin, D. & Scherer, A. (2016). Ultra-low turn-on field emission devices characterized at atmospheric pressures and high temperatures. 2016 29th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (IVNC), 1, 1-2. [More] 
  • Chen, Y., Fegadolli, W., Jones, W. M., Scherer, A. & Li, M. (2014). Ultrasensitive Gas-Phase Chemical Sensing Based on Functionalized Photonic Crystal Nanobeam Cavities. ACS Nano, Advanced Online. [More] 


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