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A Hybrid Electrooptic Microring Resonator-Based 1x4x1 ROADM for Wafer Scale Optical Interconnects

Research Area: Nanophotonics Year: 2009
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Q-factor, reconfigurable add-drop multiplexer, ROADM, electrooptic, nonlinear optics, optical polymers, hybrid integrated circuit fabrication, WDM, resonator filters
Authors: Takayesu, J.; Hochberg, Michael; Baehr-Jones, Tom; Chan, E.; Wang, Guangxi; Sullivan, P. A.; Liao, Y.; Davies, J.; Dalton, L.; Scherer, Axel; Krug, W.
Journal: Journal of Lightwave Technology Volume: 27
Number: 4 Pages: 440-448
Month: February
Pairing high-quality factor (Q) silicon-on-insulator microring resonators with rapidly tunable organic electrooptic claddings has allowed the first demonstration of a silicon-organic hybrid electrooptic reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM). A coplanar electrode geometry provides up to 0.36 GHz/V of electrooptic voltage tuning for each channel, corresponding to an electrooptic coefficient of r33 = 64 pm/V at wavelengths around 1550 nm. Individual ring resonator devices have 40- mum ring radii, 2.7-nm free spectral range, and tuning ranges of 180 GHz. The 1 times 4 times1 ROADM has a footprint of less than 1 mm2 and has been shown to reconfigure in less than a microsecond.
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