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Quantum Optics with Semiconductor Nanostructures

Research Area: Nanophotonics Year: 2012
Type of Publication: In Book
Authors: Hendrickson, J.; Homyk, Andrew; Scherer, Axel; Alasaarela, T.; Saynatjoki, A.; Honkanen, S.; Richards, B. C.; Kim, J. -Y.; Lee, Y. -H.; Gibson, R.; Gehl, M.; Olitzky, J. D.; Zandbergen, S.; Gibbs, H. M.; Khitrova, G.
Editor: F. Jahnke Volume: 1
Chapter: 13
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing Address: Philadelphia
Series: Electronic and Optical Materials
Number: 28 Edition: 1
Month: July
ISBN: 978-0857092328
An understanding of the interaction between light and matter on a quantum level is of fundamental interest and has many applications in optical technologies. The quantum nature of the interaction has recently attracted great attention for applications of semiconductor nanostructures in quantum information processing. Quantum optics with semiconductor nanostructures is a key guide to the theory, experimental realisation, and future potential of semiconductor nanostructures in the exploration of quantum optics.
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