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Photonic Crystal Nanocavity Laser in an Optically Very Thick Slab

Research Area: Nanophotonics Year: 2012
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: photonic crystal, 2D slab, laser, mode volume, high Q, pulsed lasing, room temperature,
Authors: Kim, Se-Heon; Huang, Jingqing; Scherer, Axel
Journal: Optics Letters Volume: 37
Number: 4 Pages: 488-490
Month: February
A photonic crystal (PhC) nanocavity formed in an optically very thick slab can support reasonably high-Q modes for lasing. Experimentally, we demonstrate room-temperature pulsed lasing operation from the PhC dipole mode emitting at 1324 nm, which is fabricated in an InGaAsP slab with thickness (T) of 606 nm. Numerical simulation reveals that when T≥800  nm, over 90% of the laser output power couples to the PhC slab modes, suggesting a new route toward an efficient in-plane laser for photonic integrated circuits.
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