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Elastomeric Microfluidic Diode and Rectifier Work with Newtonian Fluids

Research Area: Microfluidics/Biomedical Year: 2009
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: diodes, microfluidics, rectification, rectifiers
Authors: Liu, J.; Chen, Yan; Taylor, C. R.; Scherer, Axel; Kartalov, Emil
Journal: Journal of Applied Physics Volume: 106
Number: 11 Pages: 114311
Month: December
We report on two microfluidic elastomeric autoregulatory devices-a diode and a rectifier. They exhibit physically interesting and complex nonlinear behaviors (saturation, bias-dependent resistance, and rectification) with a Newtonian fluid. Due to their autoregulatory properties, they operate without active external control. As a result, they enable increased microfluidic device density and overall system miniaturization. The demonstrated diode and rectifier would also be useful components in future microfluidic logic circuitry.
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