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Electrically Pumped Hybrid Evanescent Si/InGaAsP Lasers

Research Area: Nanophotonics Year: 2009
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: optoelectronics, semiconductor laser
Authors: Sun, X.; Zadok, A.; Shearn, Mike; Diest, K. A.; Ghaffari, A.; Atwater, H. A.; Scherer, Axel; Yariv, A.
Journal: Optics Letters Volume: 34
Number: 9 Pages: 1345-1347
Month: May
Hybrid Si/III-V, Fabry-Perot evanescent lasers are demonstrated, utilizing InGaAsP as the III-V gain material for the first time to our knowledge. The lasing threshold current of 300-mu m-long devices was as low as 24 mA, with a maximal single facet output power of 4.2 mW at 15 degrees C. Longer devices achieved a maximal single facet output power as high as 12.7 mW, a single facet slope efficiency of 8.4%, and a lasing threshold current density of 1 kA/cm(2). Continuous wave laser operation was obtained up to 45 degrees C. The threshold current density, output power, and efficiency obtained improve upon those of previously reported devices having a similar geometry. Facet images indicate that the output light is largely confined to the Si waveguide.
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