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Room Temperature Continuous Wave Operation of Single-Mode, Edge-Emitting Photonic Crystal Bragg Lasers

Research Area: Nanophotonics Year: 2008
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: photonic crystal, Bragg laser, continuous wave, room temperature
Authors: Zhu, L.; Sun, X.; DeRose, G. A.; Scherer, Axel; Yariv, A.
Journal: Optics Express Volume: 16
Number: 2 Pages: 502-506
Month: January
We report the first room temperature CW operation of two dimensional single-mode edge-emitting photonic crystal Bragg lasers. Single-mode lasing with single-lobed, diffraction limited far-fields is obtained for 100μm wide and 550μm long on-chip devices. We also demonstrate the tuning of the lasing wavelength by changing the transverse lattice constant of the photonic crystal. This enables a fine wavelength tuning sensitivity (change of the lasing wavelength/ change of the lattice constant) of 0.072. This dependence proves that the lasing mode is selected by the photonic crystal lattice.
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