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Planar Photonic Crystal Nanolasers (II): Low-Threshold Quantum Dot Lasers

Research Area: Nanophotonics Year: 2004
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: photonic crystal, low-threshold laser, coupled cavity, square lattice, single quantum dot laser, strong coupling
Authors: Yoshie, Tomoyuki; Shchekin, O. B.; Chen, H.; Deppe, D. G.; Scherer, Axel
Journal: IEICE Transactions on Electronics Volume: E87-C
Pages: 300-307
Month: April
We have demonstrated low-threshold two-dimensional photonic crystal lasers with self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots. Coupled cavity designs of whispering gallery modes are defined in square lattice photonic crystal slabs. Our lasers showed a small 120 µW input pumping power threshold. Actual absorption power is evaluated to be less than 20 µW. Our lasers show high spontaneous emission coupling (β) factors0.1. The mode volumes are expected to be 0.7-1.2 times cubed wavelength by our modelling. Based on threshold analysis, 80 QDs are the effective number of QDs defined as the number of QDs needed to make PC cavities transparent if they are on maximum optical field points. Using the same analysis we found that single quantum dot lasing is likely to occur both by proper alignment of the single quantum dot relative to geometries of photonic crystals and by using sharp QD emission lines in high-Q localized modes.
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