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Photonic Crystal Waveguide-Mode Orthogonality Conditions and Computation of Intrinsic Waveguide Losses

Research Area: Nanophotonics Year: 2003
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: photonic crystal, FDTD, propagation losses, mode orthogonality
Authors: Witzens, Jeremy; Baehr-Jones, Tom; Hochberg, Michael; Loncar, Marko; Scherer, Axel
Journal: Journal of the Optical Society of America A Volume: 20
Number: 10 Pages: 1963-1968
Month: October
We simulate the propagation of light in a W1 planar photonic crystal waveguide with the three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain method and apply an inner product against previously calculated mode profiles to the simulated field cross sections. We show that this inner product satisfies mode orthogonality for both photonic crystal waveguides and segmented waveguides and use the obtained data to evaluate waveguide losses.
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