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Optical-CDMA in InP

Research Area: Nanophotonics Year: 2007
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: integrated optics, optical code division multiple access, O-CDMA, electroabsorptiob, Mach-Zehnder interferometer, MZI
Authors: Broeke, R. G.; Cao, J.; Ji, C.; Seo, S. -W.; Du, Y.; Fontaine, N. K.; Baek, J. -H.; Yan, J.; Soares, F. M.; Olsson, F.; Lourdudoss, S.; Pham, A. -V. H.; Shearn, Mike; Scherer, Axel; Yoo, S. J. B.
Journal: IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics Volume: 13
Number: 5 Pages: 1497-1507
Month: September
This paper describes the InP platforms for photonic integration and the development on these platforms of an optical code division multiple access (O-CDMA) system for local area networks. We demonstrate three building blocks of this system: an optical pulse source, an encoder/decoder pair, and a threshold detector. The optical pulse source consists of an integrated colliding pulse-mode laser with nearly transform-limited 10 Gb/s pulses and optical injection locking to an external clock for synchronization. The encoder/decoder pair is based on arrayed waveguide gratings. Bit-error-rate measurements involving six users at 10 Gb/s showed error-free transmission, while O-CDMA codes were calibrated using frequency resolved optical gating. For threshold detection after the decoder, we compared two Mach--Zehnder interferometer (MZI)-based optical thresholding schemes and present results on a new type of electroabsorber-based MZI.
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