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Nonlinear Polymer-Clad Silicon Slot Waveguide Modulator with a Half Wave Voltage of 0.25 V

Research Area: Nanophotonics Year: 2008
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: electro-optical modulation, elemental semiconductors, nonlinear optics, optical fabrication, optical polymers, optical waveguides, silicon, slot lines
Authors: Baehr-Jones, Tom; Penkov, B.; Huang, Jingqing; Sullivan, P. A.; Davies, J.; Takayesu, J.; Luo, J.; Kim, T. -D.; Dalton, L.; Jen, A. K. -Y.; Hochberg, Michael; Scherer, Axel
Journal: Applied Physics Letters Volume: 92
Number: 16 Pages: 163303
Month: April
We report on an electro-optic modulator fabricated from a silicon slot waveguide and clad in a nonlinear polymer. In this geometry, the electrodes form parts of the waveguide, and the modulator driving voltage drops across a 120 nm slot. As a result, a half wave voltage of 0.25 V is achieved near 1550 nm. This is one of the lowest values for any modulator obtained to date. As the nonlinear polymers are extremely resistive, our device also has the advantage of drawing almost no current, suggesting this type of modulator could operate at exceedingly low power.
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