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Monolithic Integration of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers with In-Plane Waveguides

Research Area: Nanophotonics Year: 2005
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: surface emitting lasers, optical couplers, integrated optics, diffraction gratings, laser accessories, finite difference time-domain analysis, laser cavity resonators, gallium arsenide, aluminium compounds, III-V semiconductors, semiconductor superlattice
Authors: Witzens, Jeremy; Scherer, Axel; Pickrell, G.; Louderback, D.; Guilfoyle, P.
Journal: Applied Physics Letters Volume: 86
Number: 10 Pages: 101105
Month: March
The ability to couple light from a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser into a planar, on-chip waveguide creates new opportunities for achieving higher levels of integration and functionality. Here we propose to use a strong grating etched into a waveguide defined into the top layer of the epitaxially grown structure, so that epitaxial regrowth is not required. By introducing a defect mode into the cavity we were able to achieve a 40% coupling efficiency even though light is coupled through a ninety degrees bend. We also show that polarization control of the vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser is enhanced by coupling to the defect mode. Calculations were performed using the finite-difference time-domain method.
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