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76 Electrically Pumped Edge-Emitting Photonic Crystal Lasers with Angled Facets Optics Letters Zhu, L.; DeRose, G. A.; Scherer, Axel; Yariv, A.
77 Electrically-Pumped, Broad-Area, Single-Mode Photonic Crystal Lasers Optics Express Zhu, L.; Chak, P.; Poon, J. K. S.; DeRose, G. A.; Yariv, A.; Scherer, Axel
78 Surface Plasmon Enhanced Bright Light Emission from InGaN/GaN Physica Status Solidi (a) Okamoto, Koichi; Niki, I.; Shvartser, A.; Maltezos, George; Narukawa, Y.; Mukai, T.; Kawakami, Y.; Scherer, Axel
79 Replication of Three-Dimensional Valves from Printed Wax Molds Sensors and Actuators A Maltezos, George; Johnston, M. L.; Maltezos, D. G.; Scherer, Axel
80 Experimentally Validated Quantitative Linear Model for the Device Physics of Elastomeric Microfluidic Valves Journal of Applied Physics Kartalov, Emil; Scherer, Axel; Quake, S. R.; Taylor, C. R.; Anderson, W. F.
81 Visible Submicron Microdisk Lasers Applied Physics Letters Zhang, Zhaoyu; Yang, L.; Liu, V.; Hong, T.; Vahala, K. J.; Scherer, Axel
82 Visible Microdisk and Photonic Crystals Lasers Based on InGaP/InGaAlP System Zhang, Zhaoyu; Yang, L.; Liu, V.; Hong, T.; Vahala, K. J.; Scherer, Axel
83 Applications of Microfluidics for Neuronal Studies Journal of the Neurological Sciences Gross, P. G.; Kartalov, Emil; Scherer, Axel; Weiner, L. P.
84 Design and Fabrication of Chemically Robust Three-Dimensional Microfluidic Valves Lab on a Chip Maltezos, George; Garcia, Erika; Hanrahan, G.; Gomez, F. A.; Vyawahare, Saurabh; van Dam, R. M.; Chen, Y.; Scherer, Axel


85 Microfluidic Systems for Studying Cell Migration Regulation Letters in Drug Design and Discovery Zhong, J. F.; Maltezos, George; Sheriff, Z.; Burke, K.; Scherer, Axel; Taylor, C. R.; Anderson, W. F.
86 Slanted Hole Array Beam Profiler (SHArP) - a High-Resolution Portable Beam Profiler Based on a Linear Aperture Array Optics Letters Cui, X.; Heng, X.; Wu, J.; Yaqoob, Z.; Scherer, Axel; Psaltis, D.; Yang, C.
87 Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of Surface-Plasmon-Enhanced Light Emission from Conjugate Polymers Applied Physics Letters Neal, Terrell; Okamoto, Koichi; Scherer, Axel; Liu, M. S.; Jen, A. K. -Y.
88 Two-Dimensional Bragg Grating Lasers Defined by Electron-Beam Lithography Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B DeRose, G. A.; Zhu, L.; Choi, J. M.; Poon, J. K. S.; Yariv, A.; Scherer, Axel
89 Ultralow Threshold On-Chip Microcavity Nanocrystal Quantum Dot Lasers Applied Physics Letters Min, B.; Kim, S.; Okamoto, Koichi; Yang, L.; Scherer, Axel; Atwater, H. A.; Vahala, K. J.
90 Mechanically Tunable Optofluidic Distributed Feedback Dye Laser Optics Express Li, Zhenyu; Zhang, Zhaoyu; Scherer, Axel; Psaltis, D.
91 Nanofabrication Tools Promise New Laser Manufacturing Methods Lightwave Kwong, N.; Scherer, Axel
92 Terahertz All-Optical Modulation in a Silicon-Polymer Hybrid System Nature Materials Hochberg, Michael; Baehr-Jones, Tom; Wang, Guangxi; Shearn, Mike; Harvard, K.; Luo, J.; Chen, B.; Shi, Z.; Lawson, R.; Sullivan, P. A.; Jen, A. K. -Y.; Dalton, L.; Scherer, Axel
93 Evaporative Cooling in Microfluidic Channels Applied Physics Letters Maltezos, George; Rajagopal, Aditya; Scherer, Axel
94 Microfluidic Vias Enable Nested Bioarrays and Autoregulatory Devices in Newtonian Fluids Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Kartalov, Emil; Walker, Chris; Taylor, C. R.; Anderson, W. F.; Scherer, Axel
95 Stray Field Magnetic Resonance Tomography Using Ferromagnetic Spheres Journal of Magnetic Resonance Barbic, Mladen; Scherer, Axel
96 Surface-Plasmon Enhanced Bright Emission from CdSe Quantum-Dot Nanocrystals Journal of the Optical Society of America B Okamoto, Koichi; Vyawahare, Saurabh; Scherer, Axel
97 The Analytical Approach to Polydimethylsiloxane Microfluidic Technology and its Biological Applications Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Kartalov, Emil; Anderson, W. F.; Scherer, Axel
98 Visible Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Slab Laser Applied Physics Letters Zhang, Zhaoyu; Yoshie, Tomoyuki; Zhu, X.; Xu, J.; Scherer, Axel
99 Electrically Pumped Two-Dimensional Bragg Grating Lasers Optics Letters Zhu, L.; Choi, J. M.; DeRose, G. A.; Yariv, A.; Scherer, Axel
100 Vacuum Rabi Splitting in Semiconductors Nature Physics Khitrova, G.; Gibbs, H. M.; Kira, M.; Koch, S. W.; Scherer, Axel


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