Name Research Area Location


Axel Scherer 216 Powell Booth

Graduate Researchers

Christin Ahlbrecht Microfluidics/Biomedical 224 Powell Booth
Lucia De Rose Nanophotonics 224 Powell Booth
Muhammad M. (Musab) Jilani Microfluidics/Biomedical 211 Powell Booth
Songtai (Steven) Li Microfluidics/Biomedical 226 Powell Booth
Richard Smith Microfluidics/Biomedical 224 Powell Booth

Postdoctoral Scholars

Dvin Adalian Nanofabrication 220 Powell Booth
Taeyoon Jeon Nanophotonics 219 Powell Booth
William Max Jones Nanofabrication 223 Powell Booth


Samson Chen Microfluidics/Biomedical 211 Powell Booth
Kate "Adm. Asst." Finigan 215 Powell-Booth
Xiomara Madero Microfluidics/Biomedical 113 Powell-Booth
Amirhossein "Amir" Nateghi Nanophotonics 221 Powell Booth

Visiting Associates

Virginio Sannibale


Noelle U. Davis Nanofabrication Powell-Booth Room 211


Juan Pablo Cardenas Microfluidics/Biomedical 213 Powell Booth
Tales de Barros Caldas Nanophotonics
William Fegadolli Nanophotonics Senior Research Engineer, Mellanox


Mark Adams Microfluidics/Biomedical
Tom Baehr-Jones Nanophotonics Director, Coriant Advanced Technology Group
Mladen Barbic Nanofabrication Janelia Farms, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
David Barsic Nanofabrication Senior Engineer, Voxtel Inc.
Chieh-Feng Jeff Chang Microfluidics/Biomedical Postdoctoral Scholar, USC
Yan Chen Nanophotonics Associate Professor, Shenzhen Inst of Adv. Tech.
Chuan-Cheng Cheng Nanophotonics Sr. Technical Manager, Marvell Electronics
Hou-Pu Chou Microfluidics/Biomedical
Sith Domrongkitchaiporn Microfluidics/Biomedical
Teresa Emery Nanofabrication Staff Scientist, SPAWAR
Liang Feng Nanophotonics Assistant Professor, SUNY Buffalo
Erika Garcia Microfluidics/Biomedical Project Manager, Caltech PMA
Mark Goldberg Microfluidics/Biomedical
Ben Gudlewski Nanofabrication
Cary Gunn Nanophotonics CTO, Luxtera
David Henry Nanofabrication Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia
Michael Hochberg Nanophotonics Director, Coriant Advanced Technology Group
Andrew Homyk Nanophotonics Google[x] Life Sciences
Meisam Honarvar Nazari Microfluidics/Biomedical
Jingqing Huang Nanophotonics Staff Scientist, Achronix
Ali Husain Nanophotonics INCO
Emil Kartalov Microfluidics/Biomedical Assistant Professor, USC Keck School of Medicine
Uday Khankhoje Nanophotonics Assistant Professor, IIT Delhi
Se-Heon Kim Nanophotonics Principal Research Engineer, HGST
Thomas Krauss Nanophotonics Prof., Head of School, Univ. St. Andrews
Wei-Ting Lai Nanofabrication
Pawel Latawiec Nanophotonics Graduate Researcher, Harvard University
Zhenyu Li Nanophotonics Assistant Professor, George Washington University
Marko Loncar Nanophotonics Professor, Harvard University
Tsung-Ju Lu Nanophotonics
Imran Malik Microfluidics/Biomedical
George Maltezos Microfluidics/Biomedical
Brett Maune Nanophotonics Hughes Research Labs
Muhammad Mujeeb-U-Rahman Microfluidics/Biomedical
Terrell Neal Nanophotonics Raytheon
Loc Nguyen Microfluidics/Biomedical MRE 036
Samuel Njoroge Microfluidics/Biomedical
Dongyoon Oh Nanophotonics
Koichi Okamoto Nanophotonics Associate Professor, Kyushu University
Oskar Painter Nanophotonics Professor, Caltech
Aditya Rajagopal Microfluidics/Biomedical Founder and CTO, ChromaCode
Keith Russell Nanofabrication
Akram S. Sadek Nanophotonics
Joerg Schilling Nanophotonics Professor, University of Halle-Wittenberg
Elizabeth Schroder Nanofabrication
Mehmet Sencan Microfluidics/Biomedical
Mike Shearn Nanophotonics Hardware Engineer, Google (Skybox)
Elizabeth Terlinden Microfluidics/Biomedical
Jelena Vuckovic Nanophotonics Professor, Stanford University
Saurabh Vyawahare Microfluidics/Biomedical Director of the Microfluidics Lab, Princeton
Sameer Walavalkar Nanophotonics Research Scientist, USC Translational Imaging
Chris Walker Microfluidics/Biomedical Analyst, Aris Research and Technology
Guangxi Wang Nanophotonics Consultant, Boston Consulting Group
Jeremy Witzens Nanophotonics Professor, TU Aachen
Joyce Wong Nanofabrication Schlumberger-Doll Research Center
Tomoyuki Yoshie Nanophotonics Professor, Duke University
Zhaoyu Zhang Nanophotonics Postdoc, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab