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Experimental realization of Bloch oscillations in a parity-time synthetic silicon photonic lattice

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2016
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Optical Sciences
Authors: Ye-Long Xu; William Fegadolli; Lin Gan; Ming-Hui Lu; Xiao-Ping Liu; Zhi-Yuan Li; Axel Scherer; Yan-Feng Chen
Journal: Nature Communications Volume: 7
As an important electron transportation phenomenon, Bloch oscillations have been extensively studied in condensed matter. Due to the similarity in wave properties between electrons and other quantum particles, Bloch oscillations have been observed in atom lattices, photonic lattices, and so on. One of the many distinct advantages for choosing these systems over the regular electronic systems is the versatility in engineering artificial potentials. Here by utilizing dissipative elements in a CMOS-compatible photonic platform to create a periodic complex potential and by exploiting the emerging concept of parity-time synthetic photonics, we experimentally realize spatial Bloch oscillations in a non-Hermitian photonic system on a chip level. Our demonstration may have significant impact in the field of quantum simulation by following the recent trend of moving complicated table-top quantum optics experiments onto the fully integrated CMOS-compatible silicon platform.
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