Caltech Nanofabrication Group

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Home Members

Wei-Ting Lai

Personal Information:

Position: Alumni (Graduate Researchers)
Research Area: Nanofabrication
Location: 213 Sloan Annex


  • Lai, W.-T., Liao, P., Homyk, A., Scherer, A. & Li, P. -. (2013). SiGe Quantum Dots over Si Pillars for Visible to Near-infrared Broadband Photodetection. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 25(15), 1520-1523. [More] 
  • Chien, C. Y., Chang, Y. -., Chen, K. H., Lai, W.-T., George, T., Scherer, A. et al. (2011). Nanoscale, Catalytically Enhanced Local Oxidation of Silicon-containing Layers by 'Burrowing' Ge Quantum Dots. Nanotechnology, 22(43), 435602. [More] 
  • Chen, K. H., Chien, C. Y., Lai, W.-T., George, T., Scherer, A. & Li, P. -. (2011). Controlled Heterogeneous Nucleation and Growth of Germanium Quantum Dots on Nanopatterned Silicon Dioxide and Silicon Nitride Substrates. Crystal Growth & Design, 11(7), 3222-3226. [More] 


Administrative and Financial Contact

Kate Finigan
MC 200-36, Caltech
1200 E California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91125

Office:  212 Sloan Annex
Phone:  626.395.4585
Fax: 626.577.8442