Caltech Nanofabrication Group

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Home Members

Se-Heon Kim

Personal Information:

Position: Alumni (Postdoctoral Scholars)
Research Area: Nanophotonics
Location: Principal Research Engineer, HGST


  • Lu, T.-J., Kim, S.-H., Postigo, P. A., Regreny, P., Seassal, C. & Scherer, A. (2013). Uniquely and Arbitrarily Shaped Laser Resonators Using 2D InAsP/InP Photonic Crystals. Electronics Letters, 49(25), 1633-1635. [More] 
  • Fegadolli, W., Kim, S.-H., Postigo, P. A. & Scherer, A. (2013). Hybrid Single Quantum Well InP/Si Nanobeam Lasers for Silicon Photonics. Optics Letters, 38(22), 4656-4658. [More] 
  • Oh, D., Kim, S.-H., Huang, J., Scofield, A., Huffaker, D. & Scherer, A. (2013). Self-Aligned Active Quantum Nanostructures in Photonic Crystals via Selective Wet-Chemical Etching. Nanotechnology, 24(26), 265201. [More] 
  • Kim, S.-H., Huang, J. & Scherer, A. (2013). Higher-Order Defect-Mode Laser in an Optically Thick Photonic Crystal Slab. Optics Letters, 38(2), 94-96. [More] 
  • Kim, S.-H., Homyk, A., Walavalkar, S. & Scherer, A. (2012). High-Q Impurity Photon States Bounded by a Photonic Band Pseudogap in an Optically Thick Photonic Crystal Slab. Physical Review B, 86(24), 245114. [More] 


Administrative and Financial Contact

Kate Finigan
MC 200-36, Caltech
1200 E California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91125

Office:  212 Sloan Annex
Phone:  626.395.4585
Fax: 626.577.8442