Caltech Nanofabrication Group

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Interested in taking a class taught by Prof. Scherer or wondering what the lab schedule is?  Look here for course descriptions, syllabi, schedules and lecture notes.

  • 6 units (2-2-2); first, second terms; six units credit for the freshman laboratory requirement
  • Prerequisite: successful completion of APh/EE 9a is a prerequisite for enrollment in APh/EE 9b
  • Introduction to solid-state electronics, including physical modeling and device fabrication
  • Topics: semiconductor crystal growth and device fabrication technology, carrier modeling, doping, generation and recombination, pn junction diodes, MOS capacitor and MOS transistor operation, and deviations from ideal behavior
  • Laboratory includes computer aided layout and fabrication and testing of light emitting diodes, transistors, and inverters.  Students learn photolithography and use of vacuum systems, furnaces, and device-testing equipment


  • 6 Units (3-0-3); second term
  • Explore the techniques and applications of nanofabrication and miniaturization of devices to the smallest scale.
  • Focused on the understanding of the technology of miniaturization, its history and present trends towards building devices and structures on the nanometer scale.
  • Examples of applications of nanotechnology in the electronics, communications, data storage and sensing world are described, and the underlying physics as well as limitations of the present technology is discussed.
  • Topics: Nanofabrication, Imaging and Measurement of Nanostructures, Nanophotonics and Nanoelectronics, Magnetics and Fluidics, Integrated Miniaturized Systems


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